"Combining technology and data with art and judgment in order to achieve the best possible media execution for our clients"

Robin D. Roberts
President, NMRPP

Issue Advocacy

NMRPP brings decades of experience to issue advocacy campaigns, delivering targeted messages to consumers, voters, and opinion leaders.


NMRPP provides extensive research, planning and placement services for corporate public affairs campaigns. We bring detailed research and targeting methodology to help clients reach their goals.


Every campaign has its own unique challenges and opportunities. NMRPP matches the campaign needs and budget with the best media mix to reach the target audience and deliver winning results.

About National Media Research, Planning and Placement

National Media Research, Planning and Placement (NMRPP), provides our clients with a unique, research-driven, multi-screened approach to media planning and placement. NMRPP utilizes the best data, technology, and most importantly, professionals to provide a full suite of direct-to-campaign media services. Our goal is to maximize every dollar that our clients spend on their media.

We don’t create your advertising. We deliver it. We work with our clients to develop and execute research-based, targeted, and efficient media plans.

NMRPP is a nationally recognized leader in media research, planning, and placement for issue advocacy, corporate, and political campaigns. Our use of data, research and proprietary analytics gives our clients a measurable advantage. Our agency understands how, when, and where to best deliver campaign messages.


Specializing in planning and executing Local Broadcast, Cable, Network, and Satellite TV buys; Local and Satellite Radio; Print and Outdoor media buys.


With a research driven and screen agnostic approach, we optimize digital buys by identifying content providers and devices to reach the target audience.


NMRPP’s multi-layered approach to social buying allows for a flexible framework that is customized and optimized for each individual campaign.


NMRPP has extensive experience with advanced advertising platforms that can directly connect with the target audience at the household, screen, and device levels.

Nationally Recognized Research
Our Process
Turning Research into Results

NMRPP invests hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by acquiring media consumption and political data. This includes consumer and voting behavior information, as well as digital and Set-Top-Box data.

NMRPP pioneered the political analysis of consumer research as a tool to achieve the greatest value from every advertising dollar we spend. The Target Media Index™ (TMI), developed using Scarborough Research, enables clients to look beyond traditional age and gender Gross Rating Points (GRP’s) and instead targets television, radio and online media strategy based on voter turnout and party ID. Combining our TMI analysis with local knowledge of media rates provides clients with the smartest media strategy, precision execution, and cost-efficiency.

Media Usage Profile

NMRPP profiles the audiences for every network program on each television station in all applicable media markets. We also index radio stations and online properties by key political indicators.

Strategic Targeting

NMRPP matches audiences profiles against television stations and programs as well as against digital and radio properties to determine the best media mix.

Media Planning

Armed with our unique research methodology, NMRPP builds detailed media usage profiles of the target audience at the congressional, statewide, and national levels. NMRPP then matches the target audience with the best media options to maximize resources.

Media Management

More than just “media buying,” financial stewardship and management are part of the daily process that includes rate negotiation, ordering, ad trafficking, schedule confirmation, make goods, payments, and accounting. NMRPP has established long-term relationships with stations, media vendors, and rep firms across the country, allowing buyers to plan, place, and implement media campaigns quickly and accurately.

Analytics & Optimization

Recognizing the demand for fast and accurate competitive spending and intelligence, NMRPP has developed a proprietary competitive media tracking and data management platform called NMIQ. This system allows clients to gain a full perspective of advertising collected from both human intelligence and state-of-the-art ad tracking technology for candidates, political parties, independent groups, and corporate campaigns.

Competitive Tracking

Robust reporting from ad servers coupled with real-time optimization of media placement leads to an unprecedented understanding of digital and traditional media. NMRPP's experience with a wide range of analytics platforms allows our team to follow each advertiser’s behavior, click path and improve conversion rates.

The Team for a Winning Campaign
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